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    01 - First Term at Malory Towers - Free download as .rtf), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. 06 - Last Term at Malory Towers - Free ebook download as .rtf), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Malory 04 - Upper Fourth At Malory Towers · Read more Fun and Games at Malory Towers. Read more In the Fifth at Malory Towers (Rewards). Read more.

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    Novel Malory Towers Pdf

    Malory Towers is a fictional Cornish seaside boarding school which features in a series of six novels by British children's author Enid Blyton. The series follows. Malory Towers Sequels Cox (already known for her St Clare's "fill-in" novels) was. Also known as:* Malory School* Torres de Malory* Dolly (see the German version for different books 7+)* 4 Torres* Pitty (book )* Yaramaz Kızlar.

    Search The Site. The series follows the heroine Darrell Rivers from her first year at Malory Towers to when she leaves. Other characters include Sally Hope Darrell's level-headed best friend , Felicity Rivers Darrell's younger sister , Gwendoline Mary Lacey the form's spoilt martyr , Alicia Johns sharp tongued, competitive and intelligent , Mary-Lou small and timid, but very kind hearted , Irene scatterbrained musical genius , Belinda scatterbrained artistic genius , Jean shrewd and straightforward and Wilhelmina Bill completely horse-mad. The characters are very similar to the set of characters in the St Clare's series, which Blyton also wrote. The series is believed to be semi-autobiographical,[citation needed] and the name "Darrell Rivers" is clearly drawn from Blyton's second husband's name, Kenneth Darrell Waters. To the best of our knowledge they are all in the public domain and no rights are infringed by their inclusion here. If this is not the case, please notify us and we will immediately remove any offending title.

    Those who hadn't learned to swim were afraid. Those who didn't like cold water hated the pool. Gwen, of course, vas one of these, and so was Maureen. The new French girl also hated the very idea of the pool. She went to watch the girls there once, and quealed in fright if a splash of water so much as reached her toes! Don't be an idiot! I can't think why Mam'zelle!

    06 - Last Term at Malory Towers

    Neither ol thetn understood the craze for games and sports of all kinds that they found in English schools. Even if you can't be persuaded to learn to swim, you can watch the others!

    Miss Potts wished fervently she had Suzanne in the first form under her for just one day. She was quite certain that Suzanne would never utter that infuriating word again! Gwendoline and Maureen were made to swim, of course, though it still took them ages to make up their minds to get into the cold, clear water. If there was one thing Gwen hated it was to enter the pool suddenly without warning!

    The pool was always beautiful on blue sunny days. It shone a deeper blue than the sky, and after a few weeks of summer got really deliriously warm - till the tide came in, swamped the pool, and left cooler water there! Darrell loved the pool. Even when she was not swimming she used to take her books down beside it and dream there, looking over the brilliant blue water.

    Moira was a very good swimmer. So was Sally. Darrell always had been. But the new girl, Amanda, surpassed them all! She was a most magnificent swimmer. The first time she entered the water, everyone gasped.

    She streaked across the pool with the most powerful over-arm stroke the girls had ever seen. T never saw anything like it. She is good enough for the Olympic Games. She could beat us hollow, Sally. She looked out to sea. She had great strong legs too. She was heavy in her walk, and not at all graceful in ordinary life - hut when she was playing games or swimming, she had the strong grace of some big animal, and was most fascinating to watch.

    The lower forms gaped at her, and often came down to the pool when the word went round that Amanda was there - just to stand and stare! As head of school games, she was always on the look-out for likely youngsters to coach. T might. She was nearby, listening.

    Moira was not very likeable, hut at least she did try to help the lower forms in their games. They looked after the youngsters. Vou seem to have too few games mistresses here. There were plenty of teachers tor everything! Sally saw Darrell's laee, and nudged her. It's no good saying anything,' she said, as Amanda walked oil.

    She must have been very upset when Trenigan went up in smoke - and she probably hates Malory Towers because it's new to her, and doesn't go in lor ihe sport she adores as much as she'd like it to! Sally laughed, it was a long lime since she had seen Darrell near to losing her lamous temper. Once upon a time Darrell had lost her temper practically every term and had shocked the school by her rages - but now it very seldom showed, lor Darrell had it well undei control.

    She's infuriating over tennis - doesn't seem to think it's worth while even to have a game with us! She's got under Moira's skin all right - there'll be high words there soon. The bigger girls heard the soft thud-tluid of the rubber-shoed feet coming along, and turned.

    There was a yell trom Felicity. Had a swim? What's the water like? Doesn't it look heavenly? Buck up, Felicity. The sooner we're in, the longer we'll have!

    Now that Darrell was so soon leaving, she leit an intense desire to make sure that there were others who would carry on worthily the gro. Susan's good too - hut not nearly so last. Hallo - who's 'his porpoise5' A fat and ungainly girl stood shivering on the brink ol die pool. She was yelled at by some ol the second- i ii mers already in the water.

    Fun and Games at Malory Towers - PDF free download eBook

    Come on. Bumptious and brazen in everything else, be was a coward over cold water. She had begged her lather to get her excused irom swimming, and he had ung up Miss Grayling and informed her that he didn't wish his daughter Jo to go in lor swimming il she didn't ant to.

    Why not? There is nothing wrong about swimming '01 fo - she is merely alraid of cold water, so the games rcss tells me. I think you will agree with me ihat is Josephine should conquer the cold water rather than that the cold water should defeat Josephine? There was something in Miss Grayling's cool voice that warned him. He put down the telephone abruptly.

    Miss Grayling might find there was no room for Jo at Malory Towers, if he persisted! And so Jo, to her annoyance and surprise, had been told by her father that she'd got to put up with the swimming and get on with it. Every day she had to come down to the pool and shiver in dread on the brink, till she was inevitably pushed in or dragged in by a scornful second-former.

    Even the first-formers had been known to push Jo in! Today it was Felicity who crept up behind, gave Jo an enormous shove, and landed her in the pool with a colossal splash! Jo came up, gasping and spluttering, furiously angry. When she had got the water out of her mouth, she turned on the laughing Felicity.

    That's the second time you've done that. Just you wait, I'll pay you out. You're as bad as your father! We're quits! In , Pamela Cox already known for her St Clare's "fill-in" novels was commissioned to write a further six books in the Malory Towers series.

    These started appearing on bookshelves in Society Shed. Author of Adventure. Enid Blyton Day. Fireside Journal. Cave of Books. Interactive Island. Secret Passage. Lashings of Links. Malory Towers The Malory Towers series has been enormously popular with girls — and no doubt many boys too!

    First Term at Malory Towers. The Second Form at Malory Towers. Jealousy had always been an issue with Sally and she tried hard to get rid of it while she was at Malory Towers. In second form she became head girl and then in the sixth became games captain. Betty was Alicia's best friend from a different tower and she was very similar to Alicia, that's why Miss Grayling the head mistress wouldn't let Betty move into Alicia's tower.

    Mary-Lou- A timid little thing who was even scared of her own shadow when she first came. However she did get better.

    She was Gwen's 'best friend' but Gwen was only using her really, then she made a threesome with Darrell and Sally before she finally found a friend of her own, Daphne, who appeared in the second form. Daphne was a silly, pretty girl who joined in the second form.

    She initially made friends with Gwendoline, before becoming a better person and befriending Mary-Lou. Felicity Rivers was Darrell's younger sister who joins the first form when Darrell is in the fourth.

    Hm... Are You a Human?

    She is the main character of Pamela Cox's sequel series. June Johns was Alicia's cousin who was in Felicity's form. Like her cousin, she was extremely mischievous and troublesome, but not quite as good-hearted and ended up hurting many other girls' feelings.

    Susan Blake was Felicity's best friend. She was very sensible and responsible but with a good sense of humour and therefore very popular among her form.

    Miss Potts was the first form mistress and head of North Tower. She was very strict and always had an eye on mischief-makers such as Alicia and June. Mam'zelle Dupont was one of the two French mistresses. She was very silly and was afraid of many things, meaning that she was the victim of most of the girls' tricks and pranks, although she had a very hot temper.

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