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    Page 3 Fifty Shades of Grey. E L. James is currently working on .. dainty white handkerchief. “Ready to party, Mrs. Grey?” Christian murmurs, giving me his. Darker, and Fifty Shades Freed are works of fiction. Vintage eISBN: Trilogy cover .. Grey?” I don't hear the reply. He turns, sees me, and smiles, his dark eyes crinkling at the .. waiting— awkwardly on my part, coolly. Fifty Shades Freed CHAPTER 3. CHAPTER 3. I gaze in horror at the red marks all over my breasts. Hickeys! I have hickeys! I am married to one.

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    50 Shades Of Grey 3rd Part Pdf

    Fifty Shades Freed CHAPTER 1 Sitting back, I listen to the Christian Grey mix on my new iPod and doze in . “Ready to party, Mrs. Grey?. I've read all 1, pages from E.L. James's Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, and in Fifty Shades Freed, the third and final installment of the series. Grey (Fifty Shades as Told by Christian, #1), Darker (Fifty Shades as Told by Christian, #2), and Grey and Darker (Fifty Shades 2 primary works • 3 total works.

    James 4. Authored by E. James, this books is a surprising change from the other two novels. This time we see Ana and Christian not together by contract but by choice and marriage vows. The book was published in only a few months after the publication of the second installment fifty shades darker. Married and in love, Christian and Ana are living a happy life together trying to adjust in their new life phase. However, all this soon comes to an unexpected halt when Ana finds out she is pregnant and Christian is not ready for the baby.

    She takes a gun and goes to the bank. While collecting the money, the suspicious bank manager calls Christian, who believes Ana is leaving him.

    To protect Mia's life, Ana lies to Christian, saying she is leaving him to raise the baby alone.

    Hyde instructs Ana to leave her phone but she tricks him by taking the bank manager's phone instead and dropping it in the trash. She leaves via the back entrance to a waiting car, shocked that Hyde's accomplice is Elizabeth Morgan, her co-worker.

    When handing over the money, Hyde tries to kill Ana out of vengeance for losing his job, causing Elizabeth to feel guilty for being involved. Angered by his behavior and his hurting Ana, she and Hyde argue. On the ground and bruised, Ana shoots Hyde in the leg. When Ana starts to black out she hears Christian calling her name. Ana wakes three days later in the hospital with Christian at her side.

    Though he is angry at Ana's recklessness and still anxious about fatherhood, he realizes how important their baby is to her, and they reconcile.

    Ana returns home the next day. Christian learns from his private investigator, Welch, that he and Hyde had the same foster family. He tells Ana about how he met and was seduced by Elena. If she had not intervened, he would still be plagued with horrible memories of his mother and would never have been able to control his life.

    Ana feels guilty for her behavior when he explains that he had been looking for his psychiatrist, Dr. Flynn, because he needed help. When he could not contact Flynn, Christian wound up at Elena's salon needing someone to talk to about his problems. Elena happened to be at the salon while she was closing.

    She knew Christian and Ana had a fight about the pregnancy. Elena took him to her favorite bar for a drink and help him relax. Although she made a pass at him, Elena realized that Christian loved Ana and finally agrees to leave on good terms.

    Fifty Shades Of Grey. e.l james

    He reassures her that she did the right thing to call him out for his behavior because Dr. Flynn had been right about him and that he still needs a lot of growing up to do. The next day, a furious Christian discovers from Welsh that Elena's ex-husband, Eric Lincoln, has bailed Jack from jail out of spite for her affair with Christian.

    Christian tells Ana that after learning about the affair, Eric severely beat Elena and divorced her. Despite Christian's urging, Elena refused to press charges against Eric out of guilt for the affair.

    Christian retaliated by downloading out Eric Lincoln's logging company to sell it off.

    Fifty Shades as Told by Christian Series

    It is also learned Elizabeth confessed to police that she was blackmailed by Hyde to be his accomplice. However, her ultimate fate remains a mystery. Two years later, Ana and Christian have a son named Theodore Raymond Grey, nicknamed Teddy, and Ana is six months pregnant with their second child, a daughter whom they decide to name Phoebe. Elliot and Kate have married and have a two-month-old daughter named Ava. At the end, after having BDSM sex, Ana and Christian are getting ready to celebrate Teddy's second birthday with their family and friends.

    Christian Grey: Adoptive son of Dr. Grace Trevelyan-Grey and Carrick Grey. Jason Taylor: Christian's most trusted bodyguard and head of Christian's security team. What would happen if he just, like, chilled for a minute? Hanna, Ana's unabashedly horny assistant, is hot for Ana's very attractive bodyguard Sawyer.

    So she responds to Ana's request that they find someplace for Sawyer to sit by saying, "I might have an opening. Who will make that for me? Ana's coworker Liz informs her that she got a promotion while she was on her honeymoon, to which Ana responds, "I got a promotion? Ana never works, so…how did she get a promotion? When we meet the architect Gia Matteo, who will be renovating their big house, she takes Christian by the arm and purrs, "That GQ profile on you?

    I love…what you're doing in Africa. When Ana is dressing down that same architect, she calls the woman's car "shit-colored.

    Ana's professional wardrobe is so good. It makes me want to invest in a lot of expensive sheer stockings and a watch with no numbers on the face. Where's the best place to download those?

    Fifty Shades as Told by Christian Series by E.L. James

    Oh, and now I want a wand that makes your hair do that wavy-curly thing her hair does! Where can I get something like that?

    Also, Ana's honeymoon wardrobe is amazing. Where does one shop for clothes like that? Damn, Ana's skin dewy.

    What serum is she using? In the funniest moment of the movie, Ana's bodyguards have caught Jack Hyde, who tried to attack Ana in her home, and want to restrain him. Unfortunately, they don't have any cuffs. Ana, however, deadpans, "We do. Is this movie actually a comedy?

    When Ana wakes up, Christian's all like, drunk and grumpy and wearing a tux. Why is he in a tux? Didn't he just fly in from New York?

    Rita Ora is onscreen while her song with Liam Payne is playing. Which reminds me: Why is Rita Ora basically nonexistent in this franchise? Photo Credit: Doane Gregory I cannot overstate how funny the scene where Christian plays the piano is.

    Still, this scene is so strange and I can't get my head around how it happened? Advertisement I'm told he ends up putting some ice cream on her vagina, but I was in the bathroom for that part. So is that pretty much it, or did I miss anything? Ana's metallic dress is cute, but it looks like the club version of her silver dress from the masquerade, no?

    Everett Collection Who the hell proposes to their girlfriend in a loud-ass nightclub? That's just rude, Christian's brother with an earring whose name I don't remember. Really, though? As Ana calls Christian out for his immaturity while putting on her stockings and boots, but all I can think is, Great boots.

    Where can I get those boots? When we see Ana get wheeled into surgery for being kicked? The strangest thing, though, is that they bandage it over her hair.

    I'm having trouble reconciling this. There's a version of this story in which Ana dies and Christian, wracked with guilt and pain, uses his fortune to become Batman. Can somebody write that? Marcia Gay Harden, regal and resplendent in a silk scarf, pronounces tenacious like "tenacioussssssssssssssssss. Like E. James, author of the Fifty Shades books. Did I crack the Da Vinci code? Can I have a MacArthur genius grant?

    You're welcome for this stunning insight.

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