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Eurail train timetable. Find European train times with the Eurail timetable, the perfect tool for planning your rail trip. The Eurail timetable also shows trains that aren't covered by the Eurail Pass. Railways on which. Eurail Passes are not valid .. Printed in October Information on this European train timetables. With the app, you. Eurail has been providing multi-destination train travel in Europe since. With just one rail . •. •. Eurail becomes valid in 16 countries. Launch of Eurail Select. Pass. Slovenian . From train timetables to a cross- border.

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Eurail Timetable 2014 Pdf

Concise printed timetables for rail services in Europe and selected other countries. Printed Timetables. Showing 17 Winter / Printed Edition. eurail timetable pdf download. Designed for InterRail and Eurail Pass holders, the free Rail Planner app iPhoneAndroid has been downloaded 30, . Eurail timetable pdf This timetable is dedicated to Eurail travelers and offers a huge selection of rail. eurail timetable pdf download. Some sections .

June marked the th edition. The seasonal edition of the European Rail Timetable is an extended version. A look at European railway history shows that the choice for the elite high speed train. From March 1st the European Rail Timetable is once again available, published by. From this was partially replaced by a Beyond Europe section in the European. Are split into routes and are linked from the route index timetable links PDF below. Here are three other ways to check train timetable information in. Occasionally, the train I planned was cancelled for the summer or. The European railways will update their timetables on June 13, Please note that if youre looking for trains beyond that date in our timetable, there could. Enter your journey details below to see what trains are available. Download our timetable in PDF format.

Our special Rail Extra feature, which contains useful transport information on a country by country basis including details of many popular tourist railways , will be found on pages to Our regular travel correspondents, Nicky Gardner and Susanne Kries, opt for a leisurely journey along the southern shore from Schaffhausen to Lindau via Romanshorn and Bregenz.

The route description will be found on page 36 and those wishing to plan a similar journey will find the latest timings in Tables , and Nicky and Susanne note that the Tageskarte Euregio Bodensee is an excellent ticket option for exploring this region and details will be found within our Rail Passes feature on pages to Engineers will be replacing some points in the Channel Tunnel on Sundays January 14 and 28 also during the evening of the previous day meaning Eurostar services will have to run to a special timetable.

Table Eurostar will run from London to Marseille three days a week from May 4 and four days a week during the summer. Tables 18, Thalys timings shown in our tables are valid until July 7.

The main benefit of this change is a 40 minute earlier arrival in Hamburg and a 20 minute later departure southbound. A new overnight service between Praha and Wien has commenced conveying sleeping cars only.

Tables 73, A new EC train, numbered , provides a new through service from Frankfurt to Milano. Departing Frankfurt at , the service operates via Basel and Lugano, arriving Milano Centrale at There is also a northbound through train, but this is formed by extending train EC 52 Milano — Bern — Basel through to Frankfurt.

EC11 no longer extends to Venezia at weekends. A second daily railjet service has also been added in each direction: Connections to and from Praha and Budapest have been added to this table to clearly show the new daytime journey opportunities that are now available between the Czech and Hungarian capitals and Venezia following the introduction of the additional trains mentioned above. The return service departs Praha early Wednesday mornings instead of early Saturday evenings.

Please note, this service no longer calls at Katowice. Great Western Railway is changing its schedules from January 1 so all timings in our Great Western tables are valid from this date. The tables affected are — , a, — and — Readers travelling before this date are advised to use an earlier version of our timetable or contact Great Western Railway to confirm timings.

Northern has increased the frequency of Sunday services on a number of its routes including Leeds to Knaresborough Table , Bradford to Skipton and Ilkley Table and Lincoln to Sheffield Table The two-hourly daytime trains between Praha and Budapest now serve Budapest Nyugati station instead of Keleti, reducing the journey time by 15 minutes. The European Rail Timetable is a concise guide to rail and ferry schedules throughout Europe, and also includes selected areas of the world outside Europe.

Needless to say, it cannot be comprehensive it would run into thousands of pages , but through our knowledge and experience, together with valuable feedback from our readers, we can select those services which we believe will satisfy the needs of most travellers. The rail tables are divided into two sections - International Tables 9 to 99 and Country by Country Tables upwards.

Local trains which cross international frontiers will usually only be found in the Country sections. Some international trains also carry passengers internally within each country and will therefore be found in the Country tables as well as the International section. When do the services change? There is a major annual timetable change in mid-December affecting almost all European countries, with many countries having a second change in midJune.

There are, of course, exceptions. For example, the British summer timetable starts in late May, Sweden changes again in mid-August, whilst Russia and the other CIS countries have their main change at the end of May. Many holiday areas also have separate timetables for the high-summer period, particularly areas of France and Italy. In fact, changes can happen at any time of year, and railways issue amendments either on set dates or as and when necessary.

Engineering work also causes frequent changes, and shipping schedules can change at any time. How are the trains selected for inclusion? People travel for many reasons, whether for leisure, business, sightseeing, visiting friends or relations, or just for the fun of it, and there are no hard and fast rules for selecting the services that we show.

Naturally, major towns and inter-city services are shown as a matter of course, but the level of smaller places and local trains shown will depend on the country and even the area. Generally we will show a greater number of local trains in areas which are popular tourist destinations or where other services are sparse. It is not possible to show suburban trains within cities or conurbations, or most outer-suburban routes to places close to large cities.

However, where there are places of particular interest or importance in this category we do try to show brief details of frequency and journey time. What about places outside Europe?

Furthermore, our Beyond Europe section at the back of each edition features timetables from different areas of the world each month. Eight areas are featured, each appearing at least twice a year. Details of when each region appears will be found in the introduction of the Beyond Europe section. Please note that we include all of the latest Beyond Europe sections in our expanded Winter and Summer editions. What else does it contain? A summary of international sleeper services will be found on page 35, listing types of accommodation, operators and facilities on board.

We also include a summary of European rail passes see the list of contents on page 3 for its current location with a more detailed version appearing in our expanded Summer and Winter editions. Each month a different rail journey is described in our Route of the Month feature, written by our regular travel correspondents, Nicky Gardner and Susanne Kries.

Our timetables and other products may be downloadd from our website www. Look up the two places between which you are travelling. It can often be helpful to start your search from the smaller of the two locations. The maps can be the quickest way of finding the required table number, if you already know the geographical location of the places required.

Grande ville. Commencer par la ville de moindre importance peut faciliter la recherche. Ligne principale. Ligne secondaire. Liaison en autocar. Numeri dei quadri-orario. Principale linea ferroviaria. Linea ferroviaria secondaria. Dazu empfehlen wir, Ihre Suche aus der Richtung des kleineren Ortes aufzunehmen. Gran ciudad. It is not mandatory for visitors to Europe to be vaccinated against infectious diseases unless they are travelling from areas where these are endemic.

The information shown below is intended to be indicative only. Rates fluctuate from day to day and commercial exchange rates normally include a commission element. Full information is available from the manual published by the World Health Organisation, and travellers should seek advice from their Travel Agent.

The water in washrooms or toilets on trains is, however, not suitable for drinking. Those who doubt the purity of the tap water are recommended to boil it, to use sterilisation tablets, or to drink bottled water.

Local temperatures are also affected by altitude and the difference between summer and winter temperatures tends to be less marked in coastal regions than in areas far removed from the sea.

The limit of stay permitted in each country is usually 3 months. World Weather Information Service. Applications for visas should be made well in advance of the date of travel to the local consulate of the country concerned.

Eurail train timetable

Consuls usually make a charge for issuing a visa. Before issuing a transit visa, a consul normally requires to see the visa of the country of destination.

The possession of a valid passport or visa does not necessarily grant the holder automatic access to all areas of the country to be visited. Certain countries have zones which are restricted or prohibited to foreign nationals.

All border controls have been abolished, however, between those countries which have signed the Schengen Agreement see list below , and a visa allowing entry to any of these countries is valid in all of them.

The tables below give Fahrenheit, mile and twelve-hour clock equivalents. For information on types of sleeping car q and couchette car r see page Restaurant s and buffet u cars vary considerably from country to country in standard of service offered. The catering car may not be carried or open for the whole journey. Valid December 10, - June 9, Services can change at short notice and passengers are advised to consult the latest European Rail Timetable before travelling.

International trains are not normally affected by public holidays, but may alter at Christmas and Easter - these changes where known are shown in the tables. Readers are advised to cross-check timings and days of running of services in the International section with the relevant country section.

Seat reservations are available for most international trains and are advisable as some trains can get very crowded.

Supplements are payable on EuroCity EC trains in most countries and on most InterCity trains — consult the introduction at the start of each country to see which supplements apply. Listed below is a selection of the different types of trains found in the International Section. Czech Pendolino tilting train, supplement payable. Spanish quality express using light, articulated stock. Special fares apply.

European Rail Timetable Summer PDF | Public Transport | Transport

Portuguese high-quality tilting express train. Spanish high-speed train. Italian premium fare ETR services using high-speed lines.

Quality international express.

Supplement may be payable. Special fares payable. Three classes of service on most trains: Business Premier, Standard Premier and Standard. Minimum check-in time 30 minutes. Italian tilting trains using both high-speed and traditional lines. Italian fast premium fare services using traditional lines. Italian fast premium fare services using high-speed lines. Express between Czech Republic and Slovakia. Express train.

Inter-regional express usually with refurbished coaches. Italian high-speed train. Supplement payable. Low cost, high-speed international train Paris - Brussels. Austrian quality international express with three classes of service: Business, First and Economy.

German stopping train. Regional semi-fast train. Austrian semi-fast train. Austrian brand name covering international services previously City Night Line. Most trains convey shower facilities and u also s on certain services. Special fares apply and reservation is compulsory on most services. Quality international overnight express. Overnight or international express. Some may only convey passengers to international destinations and are likely to be compulsory reservation, marked R.

Spanish international quality overnight train. Also conveys 1, 2 and 4 berth sleeping cars. Italian overnight train, supplement payable. The service operates up to four times hourly less frequently at night and takes about 35 minutes. Passengers stay with their cars during the journey.

European Rail Timetable Summer 2012 PDF

Separate less-frequent trains operate for lorries, coaches, motorcycles, and cars with caravans. Reservations are advisable but passengers can download tickets at the toll booths when they arrive at the terminal and board the next available shuttle. W 35 35 Subject to confirmation. Other connections are available by changing in Paris or in Lille and Lyon.

Supplements are payable on TGV trains. Ashford International Amsterdam Centraal Rotterdam CS Antwerpen Centraal Lille Europe Douai Arras TGV Haute Picardie Paris Charles de Gaulle fl Cluses Haute Savoie St Gervais Aime la Plagne Bourg St Maurice Maurice; 6 Dec. Amsterdam; 6 Dec. PQ 5 Dec.

One class only on ship. For additional ferry services see Table London St Pancras TGV Ru K TGV Ru Z TGV Ru K Valid Dec. From Calais Port to Calais Ville station , , , , , , , From Calais Ville station to Calais Port , , , , , , , Minimum check-in time is 30 minutes, but passengers are advised to allow longer due to immigration procedures.

Not available for London - Ebbsfleet - Ashford or v. Special fares payable that include three classes of service: All times shown are local times France and Belgium are one hour ahead of Great Britain.

Service December 10 - May No service December Services from Paris depart up to 12 minutes earlier January 22 - April Services on Sunday January 14 and 28 will run to a special timetable due to engineering work in the Channel Tunnel. Ebbsfleet International Ashford International Lille Europe Seasonal Summer and Winter editions are also produced based on the June and December editions.

Every month, the new edition of the Thomas Cook European easy strength dan john pavel pdf Rail Timetable. The Rail Planner is a free and convenient app that provides offline access to the European train timetables. With the app, you can use the Trip Planner feature. Use the Eurail timetable to start planning your European rail trip.

Look up train times and check if you need to book a reservation.

End of the Thomas Cook European train 'bible': online alternatives

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