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AppCleaner is a small application which allows you to thoroughly uninstall unwanted apps. Installing an application distributes many files throughout your. Cleaner-App - Free Up Storage Space on your Mac. Cleaner-App As good as or better than the more popular “app cleaner". I almost If you want to actually remove the files, you have to pay for the “pro” version. While that. AppCleaner - Uninstall your apps easily. Download the latest versions of the best Mac apps at safe and trusted MacUpdate. new Licenses for new macOS Versions version on OS X El Capitan on Mac Pro. Reply 0 replies. Version .

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Appcleaner Mac Book Pro

App Cleaner is a Free tool to uninstall apps from Mac completely and safely. Uninstall applications or delete only unwanted service files and even Remains. App Cleaner for Mac is a simple application that uninstalls applications and all associated files. It is available from many download sites, although not. AppCleaner for Mac, free and safe download. AppCleaner latest version: Fully uninstall applications on Mac. Contrary to popular belief, uninstalling applications .

If your disk is full on Mac, you have tons of duplicate files or you just want to see what is taking up your space, Cleaner-App is the ultimate solution for you. Cleaner-App is a quick space cleaner, which uses multiple featured tools all packaged in one software application: How to clear disk space on your Mac using Cleaner-App: Launch the application to scan your Home folder. Switch to each section to see your biggest files, duplicate files, same name files and downloads. Select unneeded files from your Mac storage and click the Next button. Overview the selected files and if you are sure you do not need them anymore, confirm the removal. The files will be moved to Trash bin. Please note that in the Removal Confirmation window, you can always uncheck specific files from being deleted. With Cleaner-App you can promptly complete the cleanup of your Mac and get rid of clutter that has been using up your resources. Cleaner-App will find unneeded files for you and help you to get rid of them easily. If you have any comments, general or technical issues, contact us directly at support nektony. I almost downloaded and downloadd what looks like the more popular App Cleaner in the App store.

The feature Hit List has a list of apps with the files on the system. All you need to do is, select the app and its extra files and click Zap. The app not only is a good application uninstaller for Mac but also takes care of the apps that are important to you.

It also saves the license and registration information of the downloadd applications. It not only uninstalls unwanted applications but also helps you to remove the preferences panes, plugins, widgets and screensavers along with the related files.

It is a fast application that uninstalls the unwanted apps in few seconds. Before deleting the files, it gives you a glimpse of the files you want to delete.

If you accidentally delete an important file, you can always undo the action and get the files back. Moreover, it also removes the garbage files to recover storage space on your Mac.


Trash Me Image Credit: Makeuseof. You can delete applications, preference panes, widgets and plugins efficiently. It completely deletes redundant files of the deleted apps and cleans cache to free up the storage space. Follow This App Developer website: Stable Version. Older OS X Download Now. See discussion. AppCleaner allows you to uninstall your apps easily.

App Cleaner & Uninstaller

It searches the files created by the applications and you can delete them quickly. Version 3.

Requirements for AppCleaner macOS Related Links. Play Video. Similar Software. No similar apps have been recommended yet. You can add your suggestions to the right.

App Name. Smile Score. But it can get pesky sometimes, and poorly uninstalled apps leave behind a lot of trash. If you think simply dragging the app to your Trash can do it, you are wrong. Well, not altogether wrong, it will indeed remove the app from your Mac but the files and folders related to the app will still be on your system.

You have to remove them manually which is a cumbersome task. In this post, we have discussed the 5 best software to uninstall unwanted applications.

‎Cleaner-App on the Mac App Store

TuneupMyMac is one of the best uninstaller apps for Mac. Apart from uninstalling unwanted applications, the app can optimize your mac, remove unused languages, clean logs and system cache and more, which makes it very useful. The multi-purpose app will help you uninstall all the unwanted apps from your system along with the redundant files related to the app.

It also scans and enlists the applications so you can easily and safely uninstall them without hassles or residual files. Download Here.


It scans your Mac and enlists the installed apps. You can uninstall the apps easily from the list easily and completely. It helps you to remove the leftover files of deleted apps and provides you a list of login items and launch agents to disable. Additionally, the app also removes service files and system extensions.

Drag and drop an app or multiple apps that you want to delete onto the AppZapper interface. Then, the app will find all the files related to the unwanted app.

The feature Hit List has a list of apps with the files on the system.

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